How to Get Rid of Stress?

psychology-grief-loss-and-traumaStress arises out of the condition when a person is overburdened with work and thus feels lot of hectic because of that.”

Nowadays the life of people is getting more demanding, fast and thus leading to frustration, which all contributes to stress, which is a stimulus that effects the mental and physical equilibrium of people. Stress is definitely a part of life that can’t be completely vanished and small amount of stress is always good as keeping you under pressure it can help you perform better. But continuous stress is not good for health and damages the behavior of person, his/her relationships and thus affects the whole quality of life. As when a person is in stressed situation every time than the stress may have adverse effects on his/her health. Therefore long term or chronic stress should be paid heed upon and healed before the stress levels may get out uncontrollable because stress may turn out to be really dangerous. The stress may be reflected in any form either by affecting mind or behavior or body. It all basically depends upon person, where he feels stressed out more, well wherever it is, is harmful as it may take hold of the way you respond to things and may control your thought processes and emotions.

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Thus, following things should be practiced for managing the stress or getting rid of it;

  • The most famous stress eliminating techniques like doing yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc should be adopted. As these activities when practiced regularly keeps a person calm and reduces stress.

  • It is very important for striking out stress from life, to identify the exact reasons for stress. Thus, a list of all the stressful activities that are of not much use or help must be eliminated from life. So to lessen the stress.

  • Reaching late at places should be avoided and practice of

  • reaching on time be adopted as when a person is getting late, he/she rushes to reach the place on time and no matter he/she does reach on time, pressurizes the brain too much. Thus developing stress.

  • Stress can be avoided by avoiding the habits of multi tasking at huge levels. As in the quest of doing everything people take huge stress in all forms and not even able to do all the work properly.

  • Stress can also be suppressed or eliminated by helping others or needy people as the noble acts provide the person who does that with deep satisfaction and happiness. Thus stress gets lost in the happiness.


  • Stress can also be healed by eating the leaves of Moringa Tree, which is a boon as it contains mostly all the vitamins and ingredients of protein.

  • Eating habits affect mostly everything in our activities of day to day life. Thus adoption of a healthy balanced diet and consumption of good amount of water may help in lessening the stress and providing relief.

  • For avoiding chronic stress the person should stop or avoid controlling other people in his/her life, as no one can control anyone. The only person that can be and should be controlled is oneself. Thus getting in to unnecessary tasks of dominating may result only in degrading health by indulging in to excessive stress.

  • There are different kinds of people in every person’s life. Thus contacts, terms or arguments with wrong incompatible people may provide unnecessary stress and aggression, which should be avoided.

  • Every person must have a grateful behavior towards God, for feeling satisfied and happy, which will provide more success and wellness and will result in no stressed situations.

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