Maintaining Women’s Health

“The race of the country is taken ahead by the procreation of healthy children by women”

God has only blessed the females in every living being with the power and tolerance to give birth to a baby. A mother in any species when gives birth to its baby, does bears a lot of pain, nurtures the baby and give all that its capable of giving. And human beings blessed by the nature with the inheritance of emotions, intelligence and love, are in all terms and senses ahead and above of all the living beings on the planet. Thus for maintaining the race of humans and the further divisions made by man in the forms of people of different countries, it is very important that healthy children should take birth for the good life of the child as well as good and productive workforce for the whole Nation. It is only possible in the normal course when all the precautions and best habits are adopted by the expected mother while she is about to give birth to a baby. Well it is of immense importance to bring in notice that only pregnant ladies should not adopt a healthy lifestyle, but every girl by the time she steps in her teenage should start focusing on her health and take measures to enhance and maintain her well-being. For achieving this end, family members of girls should take into consideration seriously about the health of the girls since early ages, more than their boy child, as it is important for the well-being of the whole society.

For example, in a country like India, where females still form a class of backward or marginalized sector, who needs special attention and care at an alarming level. India became independent six decades ago, but still our Nation is still highly poverty stricken, masses of people are helpless and neglected by everyone. So in such a situation, the women or girls in the families of such people live in worst condition, they themselves when are deprived of money and so proper food, clothing, housing, etc, are complied to give birth to children in large numbers, and that’s a reality, these women taking care of children in their hands are again and again conceiving the babies in their womb, thus making their life degraded and short, and even the babies that are born out of such women, are unhealthy, diseased and thus grow up as malnourished children, finally being unproductive people for themselves, their families, and  for the whole nation. All this procedure is getting repeated in our country and needs attention; else it will be impossible for India to ever come out of such a web of unhealthy overpopulated country.

This is a matter of big concern for the whole nation and thus the government should take good initiatives like conducting seminars and workshops of free of cost in villages and slum areas in the towns for teaching methods of controlling child birth, introducing condoms and fee of cost anti-pregnancy medicines. This can help curb the degrading health of women who have to bear and give birth to several kids, whereas, all this can limit the population somehow.

The government should also start regular check-ups of women (free of cost) so that, masses of deprived women can go for regular check- ups and get to know about their health and well-being. All this very urgent and important as women are blessed with the qualities of taking care of every person in a motherly way, but always end up ignoring their own health, which should be taken care of most importantly for the preserving of the healthy people and thus, whole society and Nation.

The intake of moringa can greatly boost women’s health. It has got manifold nutrients, ranging from vitamins A, B, C, D, E etc,  and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron,zinc etc. It can instantly cure malnutrition, diminish liver inflammation, aid digestion, prevent arthritis, osteopororosis, rheumatism, migraine and even various kinds of cancers such as colon, anal and intestinal cancers.

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