The Essence of Mental Health

Realizing what you really want from life is something which does not happen overnight, but the quest never ends. Do I want love? Or is it money or friends or something else? All I want from life is happiness, but without sorrow one doesn’t realize the worth of joy. Without captivity one doesn’t realize the importance of freedom.

Ambition should not motivate you to live, it should be love. So why do people think different? Ambition and career is so hyped today, that one doesn’t care about love or friendship. To climb up the ladder of success, one is ready to jeopardize their friendship with people and even their relationships. Does this bring about happiness for anyone ever? What does it feel like to be the most successful person ever, but standing at the top all alone, no one to share the happiness and satisfaction of the success with?

Personal health and well being is becoming a secondary priority for people. They care more about money than their happiness. Materialism has gained so much importance in people’s lives that one does not stop to think and look back at their lives. In this fast paced life that we live, where is the time to give a thought to mental peace or health?

People are becoming more short-tempered and are at a greater risk of anxiety attack than they were 10 years ago. Even children are trapped in today’s rat race. They have to excel at everything in order to become successful in life. Parents pressurize their kids to do well in school so that they can have a secure future, but what about their health? What about outdoor games and fresh air and healthy spirit and body?

So, does this mean one cannot have health and a successful career at the same time? Absolutely not! One just needs to learn how to balance their lives and not let career, solely drive them. Occasional nature retreats and holidays can do wonders. If you don’t have the time for a holiday, a picnic with family on Sundays would be the next best thing.

Mental and spiritual health should be given more importance. People need to be aware about it. It’s not just the physical damage but also mental damage that should be a topic of concern. Spiritual health might mean religious traditions to some, and inter-personal relations to other. Whether going to church gives you mental peace, or a social gathering and interacting with friends and family, or maybe even being by yourself and reading a book, personal time should be given more priority than they actually get. Moringa is a nutrient rich food supplement. it’s intake can diminish and at times prevent problems such as depression, agitation, frustration, irritation etc. It’s daily intake will keep most of the turbulent mental agonies at bay. Hence, Moringa can successfully boost mental health.

Children should go out and play often. Life is anyways going to become more hectic and stressful as they grow up, the fun and excitement shouldn’t be replaced with books and anxiety at such a young age. There is a life beyond books, and even play station and x-box.

And if someone thinks they will relax and get laid back after they have retired or earned a lot, let me break it out to you, it’s a misconception that you will ever get the time to lay back. Priorities change with time and you will realize that one never gets the time to relax; one has to make the time. Also, you never know what tomorrow has to offer. Seize every little opportunity you have to live life. Never depend on tomorrow, tomorrow is an illusion.

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