The Sacred Heart Medical Diet

Sacred Heart Medical Diet is a soup based seven days diet, claims to help lose weight. The diet plan goes on for seven days, and unlike other diet plans, is not deemed unhealthy. It is generally suggested to overweight patients who are to go in for a surgery.

The diet is scheduled in such a manner, that a person can eat whenever they feel hungry, but only according to the diet plan, and research has shown that people feel more energetic after only two to three days of the plan.

  • The diet allows you to eat any fruit except bananas on the first day. Only soup and fruits are permitted on the first day.
  • Day two allows you to have vegetables only, no fruits today. Eat all the vegetables you want, raw, boiled, or cooked till you are stuffed.
  • The third day diet includes fruits, vegetables and soup. Baked potato is a big no-no. The diet claims to have helped you lose about 6 pounds if you strictly followed it, without fail.
  • You can finally have bananas now, but cut that to just 3 for the entire day. But you can have all the skimmed milk you want throughout the day, and also soup.
  • Fifth day is the day of tomatoes and beef. You can have as many as 6 tomatoes and 10 to 20 ounce beef on the fifth day. You are advised to have soup at least once today.
  • The sixth day lets you eat beef and veggies to your heart’s content, and don’t forget the soup as well!
  • And finally on the seventh day you can have brown rice, unsweetened juice and vegetables.

The diet claims to help you lose 10 to 17 pounds if one follows the diet without fail.

The problem with this diet plan is that you essentially lose water content from your body, which is not permanent and you gain back the lost weight in a few days after you discontinue the diet.

Health experts disapprove of this diet as it concentrates only on certain kinds of food and nutrients and disregards others. Some say that it does not inform you about nutrient content and calorie content, or about the food that you are reading. The diet does not mention exercise of any kind, so anyone following the Sacred Heart Diet should remember to keep active,

Detoxing the body regularly is a good thing and the Sacred Heart Medical Diet helps you do it. The liquid based diet helps your body get rid of toxins and cleans up your system. Drinking caffeinated coffee stimulate your intestine and bowls to empty.

Any diet that tells you to eat red meat to your heart’s content is unhealthy. It’s not considerate of those who might be suffering from heart disease or cholesterol problem. This diet concentrates on certain types of food groups and do away with the others, hence it’s not ideal. It is nutrient deficient on certain days and one has no control over the consumption of calories on all the subsequent days.

Though there have been many who claim to have successfully lost weight with the aid of this plan, the weight loss will not be long term. Most people gain back the lost weight after a few days and have to continue the diet in order to maintain their weight. Anyone with basic nutritional knowledge would recommend moringa for weight loss as it has been proven effective to human kind since ages.

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