Chia seeds weight loss

Chia is an edible seed which comes from the Salvia hispanica plant, grown in the deserted areas of Mexico. It is a traditional plant used by the people since the olden cultures of Mayan and Aztec, for boosting their energies. The significance of these seeds is undoubted since ages as they possess fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins fiber, calcium and other antioxidants. In the modern times, the Chia seeds are added as ingredients in beverages and foods, most often strewn at sauces, vegetables, yogurts and mixed in baked goods and drinks.

Chia seeds can be eaten either in raw form or even consumed by adding in water. The daily consumption of these seeds gives maximum benefits, whereas, occasional consumption is also helpful.

Chia means strength. The name of the Chia seeds is very appropriate as these seeds possess balanced unification of all the nutrients, like, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers and minerals. The consumption of Chia seeds ensure never stressed out energy, as the complex carbohydrates found in these seeds break down gradually. Thus, energy level of the person is improved, providing more endurance.  It also helps the Arthritis patients by reducing their pain and inflammation, as the presence of omega-3 lubricates the joints and makes them flexible. The presence of fatty acids in the Chia seeds ensures the proper functioning of the brain cell membranes and neurotransmitters.

Moreover, the Chia seeds also contain the DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is very essential for the nervous system of the body and the brain. Thus, these are known to the natural food for the human brain. In addition to the above mentioned advantages of Chia seeds, other distinct properties of minerals are also possessed like, calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron, which helps in proper functioning of the body and boosting the health of bones.  Chia seeds act as best remedy for the diabetes, as it lowers the sugar levels in the blood after meal consumption. And when the sugar level is lower in blood, it is absorbed more by the cells. As a result, need for insulin is reduced. Therefore, helps in fighting with diabetes problem. These seeds if consumed helps in providing healthy and glowing skin, along with hampering the occurrence of wrinkles. The biggest advantage of the consumption of seeds is that, they protect the body from vulnerable diseases of cancer.

Besides the numerous qualities possesses by the seeds, the most distinct quality is assistance in weight loss process. Nowadays, people have become very health conscious and along with a good health they desire attractive physical appearance. Weight loss is long process, which requires stringent efforts like adoption of balanced and healthy diet, avoiding excessive fats. Along with changes in diet, inclusion of physical activities in everyday life is also an essential requirement. But people nowadays require quick results out of mostly every activity they undertake. In consequence of this, various diet and weight loss supplements are becoming famous, which helps in early weight loss. Chia seeds are also gaining importance in this aspect. It also acts as a weight loss supplement, as these seeds helps in boosting the metabolism process in the body due to the presence of fatty acids in them. Moreover, the Chia seeds help in bringing the cholesterol levels down in the body.

Only two ounces of Chia seeds provide high nutrients to the body with very few calories. And as a result, it is becoming popular among people for weight maintenance and weight loss both. Thus the intake of Chia seeds along with other herbal medicines like, the leaves of Moringa and Basil plant help in building more immunity of the body. And the intake of Moringa or Basil plant leaves along with Chia seeds becomes more effective in the weight losing process when consumed together.

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