Pycnogenol is an herbal supplement, which is taken from the Pine tree’s bark. Pycnogenol is grown in France. It is a high quality dietary supplement, which promotes people’s health.

Pycnogenol can be found for consumption either in the liquid form or in the form of capsules.

It provides the body with Vitamin P, extracted in the body through antioxidants like proanthocyanidins. It aids the body in amplifying the blood vessels and also contains the anti inflammatory properties. Even though intake of Vitamin P is not very essential, as lack of it in body does not cause any deficiency, but it is helpful, as it provides with many health benefits. Pycnogenol contains the active bioflavanoids, which makes the Pycnogenol a potential product for the body. As the antioxidants of bioflavanoids and proanthocyanadins, help in fighting with the free radicals, which encounter our body time and again because of stressors in the environment. Moreover, the Pycnogenol consumption while providing with the antioxidants of bioflavanoids and proanthocyandins to the body, extends the other antioxidants of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Pycnogenol performs the main task of boosting the immune system in the body, due to which several health problems are kept at bay. Moreover, it acts as a protector from various allergies, by avoiding them or lessening their symptoms. It also helps the body in dealing with the high blood pressure problem, by increasing the nitric oxide in the Pycnogenol consumer’s body. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels and enhances the blood flow in the body. Thereby  reducing the likelihoods of heart contraction.

The best intake of Pycnogenol is 200 mg every day, for getting relieved of certain ailments. The main reason for the increasing popularity of Pycnogenol nowadays is because of its properties for keeping the body healthy and performance of the most favorable functions. It does not cause any serious or concerning side effects because of its consumption, except slight effects like discomfort to the stomach, headaches, etc resulting out of the astringent taste of Pycnogenol. And to avoid even the stomach discomforts, Pycnogenol should be consumed either with the meals or after the meals.

While Pycnogenol extends the Vitamin C and E in the body, regular intake of Vitamins in a balanced diet should not be avoided, as it only extends or enhance the Vitamins for their longer participation in the body, it does not act as Vitamins. Thus for the most effective results from Pycnogenol is to seen, it should be consumed with high amount of Vitamins.

Besides benefitting the heart, Pycnogenol helps in strengthening the immune system of the person. It helps better in regards strengthening of immune system, when consumed regularly along with other herbal remedies like Moringa plant leaves, which are immune system energizers.  Moreover, Pycnogenol being a dietary supplement, also helps in reducing weight. Weight reduction has since a number of years gained importance, mainly because of people becoming health conscious. Attractive body is deemed to be a sign of enhanced confidence. Thus along with a balanced diet, regular exercises, people adopt dietary and weight losing supplements. Pycnogenol may also be termed to be one, as it also helps the in reducing weight. It helps in reducing weight because of it increases the process of blood circulation in the body, which energizes the body, thus giving more strength to the muscles for performing more activities and exercises, without getting tired early.

Therefore for shedding extra kilos from the body or for preventing the body from various illnesses like heart diseases, strokes, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, increased cholesterol levels, daily intake of Pycnogenol in any of its form should be adopted.

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