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young-woman-runningMany people have heard about high level athletes using Human Growth Hormone to enhance their performances. But very few have heard of pure powdered Moringa leaf capsules. Both are quite benign even though HGH has gotten a terrible reputation because it has been unfairly linked with steroid use.

Steroids are artificial. Human growth hormone is naturally produced in the body. Steroids artificially bulk up the human body and are very dangerous to use both physically and mentally. HGH naturally feeds all the hormones in the body and does nothing to artificially promote the growth of muscles. It’s completely safe to use. However, it’s well known that steroid use is enhanced by using HGH and so that’s where the linking of the two has given HGH a bad name. People using steroids almost always take HGH with it. When there is a problem with steroides, which there almost always is, HGH gets accused of being a bad supplement only because of it’s association with steroids. HGH used without steroids, however, is very beneficial for the professional athlete with few, easily avoided, negative side effects.

sports-nutrition-supplements-for-athletesProfessional athletes who use HGH alone, without steroids, get an excellent general tonic. There is no explosion of muscles growth as when using steroids. In fact, there is usually no muscle mass increase at all but rather an increase in the loss of body fat. Body builders love it for that “ripped” look. Using HGH also seems to increase mental clarity. So a baseball batter facing a tough pitcher finds it somewhat easier to make all the instant calculations needed to hit the pitch solidly. Football players, tennis players, all athletes having to make numerous, instant calculations find that using HGH helps them in this regard.

The only negative side effects using HGH comes from over dosing and so this is very rare. Those getting legitimate prescriptions from doctors are well monitored in the doses that they take so this is not a problem. Those using HGH from black market sources have a much greater chance of using the wrong dosage. Since HGH needs to be injected there are sometimes negative side effects from the improper use of needles. As most people use clean, single use, needles this is also a very rare problem.

An alternative and 100% safe way of getting HGH into your system is with a homeopathic oral spray. Although not as potent, these sprays get 60%-80% of the same results of injected human growth hormone without the use of needles and it is a much less expensive product. For this reason it is favored by poorer student athletes, weekend warriors, and aging professionals looking to make a comeback.

Sports-SupplementsAnother supplement, pure powdered moringa leaf capsules, is not well known within the athletic community but has been around for over 3,000 years. The leaves from the moringa tree are the only plant on earth that goes to wherever you are nutritionally deficient. That’s what makes it completely unique. Even though it has many uses like treating mal-nourished infants in Africa, curing Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, eliminating teen acne in three days, erasing a hangover in one hour, it’s use in the athletic community is mostly unknown but steadily growing.

For athletes moringa capsules are used mainly for physical and mental endurance. You won’t have the feeling of jumping over a building in a single bound, but late in games you’ll feel like the energizer bunny: you’ll just keep going and going and going. Most professional athletes also say that their mental clarity late in games is also extremely refined, enabling them to avoid mental errors. For this reason coaches love giving it to their players.

Moringa capsules are all natural and completely non-toxic. They are taken about an hour before game time and lasts for many hours. Moringa capsules are a great all-in-one supplement for everybody. But athletes using moringa can expect a decided advantage over opponents who aren’t using it.


Sep12_rev-up-your-metabolism-384x240In the past five years, much has changed in the world of drug testing and sports, and this shift has come about largely because testing procedures have advanced significantly. This fact came to light in a big way due to several big events in the world of sports: a handful of investigations of big name athletes, including Roger Clemens, Lance Armstrong, and Barry Bonds, plus the unprecedented amount of drug testing that occurred in conjunction with the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. There have even been some rumblings of HGH usage among singers and actors, although some of these reports are harder to prove, as celebrities are not usually subjected to drug testing the way athletes are.

weight loss with moringaWhy are athletes and performers turning to HGH in the first place? Many people claim that HGH injections or homeopathic oral sprays (which are undetectable by any current day test) offer performance enhancing benefits, while others say the perceived boost in performance is minimal compared to the amount of damage a positive drug test could cause to an athlete’s career and reputation. Some athletes who have tested positive for HGH use, including Colorado Rockies first baseman Mike Jacobs, claim the substance was used in order to recover from an injury. There is some belief in medical circles that growth hormone can speed up tissue repair. Others claim that taking HGH offers slight improvements in strength and agility, and that even though the boost is statistically small, when it comes down to that last tenth of a second or point in competition, that little boost may be enough to put one athlete over the top. There is also the idea that HGH taken in conjunction with other performance enhancing drugs can have a bigger effect.


Whatever the reason each individual athlete or performer has for using HGH, whether it is to enhance their performance, speed up injury recovery, or because of HGH’s anti-aging benefits, there is clear documentation in recent years that HGH use is fairly widespread. Lance Armstrong, formerly known as the world’s most decorated cyclist, has long battled doping allegations that have in recent weeks become public knowledge thanks to the published report from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Another winning cyclist, Tyler Hamilton, 2004 Olympic Gold medalist, confessed to doping in 2011 and returned his medal. Three-time Olympic sprinting medalist Alvin Harrison was suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs, including growth hormone. It’s not just cycling that has been plagued with growing HGH use, major league baseball players Jerry Hairston Jr. and Gary Matthews Jr. have been accused of ordering HGH, and Barry Bonds received a conviction for obstruction of justice in April 2011 for lying to a grand jury about steroid and HGH use. In addition, the NFL has been preparing to test players for HGH for over a year.

Sports-SupplementsCelebrities have also been known to purchase or order HGH for their own use. Pro wrestler Edge and the Hurricane have reportedly ordered the substance, along with Sylvester Stallone, who was caught importing synthetic growth hormone into Australia. In a strange series of reports, several well known names in the music industry have reportedly placed orders for HGH or have knowingly purchased the substance in doctor’s offices. R&B star Mary J. Blige, rapper Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), producer Timbaland, Fugees member Wyclef Jean and award winning director Tyler Perry are all reported to have ordered or purchased HGH.

As the testing for doping in sports becomes more sophisticated, it is likely that more famous names will be mentioned in relation to drug use or drug testing. After the unprecedented testing done at the 2012 Olympics – 6,000 tests in all – and the increased efforts of the World Anti-Doping Agency and the USADA to investigate allegations of doping in sports, it is likely that those who try to use HGH to gain an advantage over their fellow athletes will no longer be able to claim that their enhanced performance was the result of hard work and clean living.