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Summer? Winter?  What’s a better time to travel? Traditionally, it is summer, for it is the ultimate 2-month vacation when everybody has some time to shed for a luxury of a vacation. Also, in addition, more destinations seem accessible in summers. Generally, around us, we find very few travelers, that too mostly the non-adventurous and the predictable types; summer pick- hill station and winter pick- down south and the heat.

But it is winters when we can actually bring out the wild in us and taste the adventures that travel has to offer that too with reasons that will compel to consider the unconventional.

Here are the top reasons why one should travel chilly places especially Europe (the much awaited summer destination) in winters:

Fewer tourists: When I took a trip to Europe, it was in summer.  In the high season of May- June you see more Indians than British on streets of London, especially in front of the Buckingham palace and beneath the London eye. Trust me, this is a reason enough to chose winter over summer.

Cheaper rates: Yes, as you would suspect, the simple theory of demand and supply plays its role here. From airlines to hotels, you get it all the more affordable. Interestingly, prices decrease in winter because of the difference between winter grade and summer grade fuel, hence making it cheaper!

Real winter and winter sports: It can be the time when we can experience the real winters. Being from a tropical country, most of us have hardly ever lived the snowball fights, thrills of skiing and other snow adventures. European winters are the right time and the ultimate destination for the same.

Indore Attractions: Never fancied pictures with Big B and the master blaster at Madam Tussaud, criticizing the colonial regime while visiting the beloved Kohinoor, analyzing the much talked about Mona Lisa smile at the Louvre, the Ferrari and other car museums, exclusive classical shows and much more?  If you ever did, then, these fully heated indoors will do justice to your fancies when the chill in the air picks up and sun decides to sleep early.

Why let winter be an off-season for you when the world’s best can be experienced at the most affordable price?

We generally tend to get exhausted during travel. It’s essential to take proper nutrition and keep yourself dehydrated. The intake of Moringa during travel can rejuvenate your system. It will make you dynamic and relaxed. It will also boost your metabolism and provide you with all the much needed nutrients.


“The race of the country is taken ahead by the procreation of healthy children by women”

God has only blessed the females in every living being with the power and tolerance to give birth to a baby. A mother in any species when gives birth to its baby, does bears a lot of pain, nurtures the baby and give all that its capable of giving. And human beings blessed by the nature with the inheritance of emotions, intelligence and love, are in all terms and senses ahead and above of all the living beings on the planet. Thus for maintaining the race of humans and the further divisions made by man in the forms of people of different countries, it is very important that healthy children should take birth for the good life of the child as well as good and productive workforce for the whole Nation. It is only possible in the normal course when all the precautions and best habits are adopted by the expected mother while she is about to give birth to a baby. Well it is of immense importance to bring in notice that only pregnant ladies should not adopt a healthy lifestyle, but every girl by the time she steps in her teenage should start focusing on her health and take measures to enhance and maintain her well-being. For achieving this end, family members of girls should take into consideration seriously about the health of the girls since early ages, more than their boy child, as it is important for the well-being of the whole society.

For example, in a country like India, where females still form a class of backward or marginalized sector, who needs special attention and care at an alarming level. India became independent six decades ago, but still our Nation is still highly poverty stricken, masses of people are helpless and neglected by everyone. So in such a situation, the women or girls in the families of such people live in worst condition, they themselves when are deprived of money and so proper food, clothing, housing, etc, are complied to give birth to children in large numbers, and that’s a reality, these women taking care of children in their hands are again and again conceiving the babies in their womb, thus making their life degraded and short, and even the babies that are born out of such women, are unhealthy, diseased and thus grow up as malnourished children, finally being unproductive people for themselves, their families, and  for the whole nation. All this procedure is getting repeated in our country and needs attention; else it will be impossible for India to ever come out of such a web of unhealthy overpopulated country.

This is a matter of big concern for the whole nation and thus the government should take good initiatives like conducting seminars and workshops of free of cost in villages and slum areas in the towns for teaching methods of controlling child birth, introducing condoms and fee of cost anti-pregnancy medicines. This can help curb the degrading health of women who have to bear and give birth to several kids, whereas, all this can limit the population somehow.

The government should also start regular check-ups of women (free of cost) so that, masses of deprived women can go for regular check- ups and get to know about their health and well-being. All this very urgent and important as women are blessed with the qualities of taking care of every person in a motherly way, but always end up ignoring their own health, which should be taken care of most importantly for the preserving of the healthy people and thus, whole society and Nation.

The intake of moringa can greatly boost women’s health. It has got manifold nutrients, ranging from vitamins A, B, C, D, E etc,  and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron,zinc etc. It can instantly cure malnutrition, diminish liver inflammation, aid digestion, prevent arthritis, osteopororosis, rheumatism, migraine and even various kinds of cancers such as colon, anal and intestinal cancers.


hair I have been blessed with silky, straight, generally tangle free, jet black hair. Sounds like a dream, right? Recent changes to my lifestyle, however, wrought havoc on my hair. My once silky, shiny hair soon became frizzy with split ends due to constant bike rides, too much sun and too less drying. By the time realisation struck, my hair resembled the before part of the shampoo ads. None of the supposed miracle shampoos and conditioners could bring my hair back to life. So I began, albeit rather late, on a quest to restore my hair back to their former glory.

A good part of this quest was time wasted on trying on several hair products which included shampoos, conditioners, damage repair masks etc. None of these gave me lasting results. Finally, I decided that the products were a waste of my money and they were more or less the same. I needed something that would give me lasting results without me having to worry about the chemical damage. So I “re-began” by trying to identify my target areas: split ends, rough hair, frizzy hair and dry hair. Yes, I know, this is a true hair nightmare! And now for my steps for righting the damage to my hair!

1276586901-hair-lossStep # 1: Brace yourself!

Before beginning any beauty regime or changing anything about yourself it is essential to understand that you are undertaking a long journey with several wrong turns.  More than the steps, what you should understand is, the time you invest and the seriousness with which you regard this routine are important. Changing your hair texture is not an overnight experience. Be prepared for waiting for your hair to come back to life and don’t miss out on any of the routines that you have set up for yourself.

Step # 2: Tackling split –ends.

They simply had to go. There was no other way around it. So the first step for me was getting a new haircut. Bye-bye split ends!

To ensure that they never returned I now make sure that my hair are completely dry before I step out. And I air dry them. I know this can be time consuming and outright inconvenient for some but try to do this as much as possible. Limit your blow drying to special occasions. Blow drying your hair regularly can actually cause severe hair damage. Split ends are one result of too much blow drying. Other causes for split ends include too much sun exposure, hair styling, and excessive shampooing and drying hair too vigorously. Split ends can be prevented by regular use of conditioners and covering your hair when travelling.

hair-lossStep # 3: Controlling frizzy hair.

The frizzy hair were a direct result of travelling on a bike. I started using scarves. Your hair stays silky and there is no frizz. I would have hailed the scarf as a miraculous discovery but there were several wiser women before me who opted for scarves on bike rides. There is another plus to using the scarf while travelling and that is your washed hair remain smoother and tangle free for longer. Direct contact of the wind on hair, while being a visual treat, leave your hair frizzy and also cause split ends.

While washing hair always use lukewarm or cold water. Hot water not only makes your hair susceptible to hair fall but also causes frizzy hair.

Step # 4: Repairing the damage.

While on a wild goose chase for perfect damaged hair repair products, I came across a home treatment that worked wonders for me. This treatment works by intensely saturating your hair with the goodness of the oils you choose, leaving you with soft, nourished hair.

How to go about this treatment:

  1. Choose your oils. You can mix 2- 3 oils of your choice. Heat the oil by placing it in a small glass jar and putting this jar in boiling water.
  2. Apply the oil by gently massaging it into your scalp.
  3. Next, heat water to a temperature you can bear. This does not mean very hot water. Pour the water onto your oiled hair.
  4. Gently wring out any excess water. Cover your hair with a shower cap.
  5. Drench a towel in hot water. Wring it to remove excess water and wrap it over the shower cap.
  6. Now, relax. Let your hair mask work its magic for anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours.
  7. Wash your hair as you normally do. You might require more washes than you normally do but for every wash remember to use only a small amount of shampoo. Remember to wash any oil off your neck and back as washed hair instantly absorbs this oil. Take care to wash out all the oil. Conditioning is a must. Use a leave in conditioner if you wish.
  8. Enjoy your soft, silky hair!

Hot-Tips-To-Perfect-Natural-Hair-CareThis is the most basic hair pack treatment. Alternatively, you can replace your hair oil with bananas, honey, eggs, strawberries, milk, almonds or a combination of any of these. Skip out step 3 if you are replacing the oils.

This treatment gives you naturally wonderful hair right after the first wash and you didn’t even need to spend any money over it! Try to fit in at least one treatment every week and your hair will change to beautifully soft and smooth hair.

For your regular washing remember to oil your hair the night before or if this is impossible for you heat oil and use it 20 minutes before washing.


Step # 5: Generic Hair Care.

  1. Don’t shampoo daily. Thrice a week is the recommended number of washes.
  2. If you insist on blow drying, wait till your hair is at least more than halfway dry.
  3. Brushing 100 times a day is a myth. It actually causes damage rather than helping. Use a wooden comb instead and comb only as much your hair requires.
  4. Too tight buns, hairdos, pony tails are rumored to cause baldness. So next time leave the pony tail a little loose.
  5. Instead of investing in your shampoos, invest in hair oils. They give better returns!!

That is all I have got and need actually!

The regime I have recommended is simple and doesn’t cost any more than your current hair regime is probably costing you. It may be time consuming but the results are worth all the hassle. My hair are back to being soft and silky again and I hardly ever have any trouble styling or keeping them in place. For hair that is naturally soft, silky and most importantly, manageable, this is all you need.



The immune system defends the body against disease causing micro-organisms.

It is a system and not merely a single entity. It requires balance and concordance to function.

Sometimes, it fails to do its job, if a germ invades successfully and attacks the person. However, the immune system can be made stronger and more resistant, by implementing certain simple lifestyle changes, for example, improving the diet, taking certain vitamins or herbal preparations, quitting tobacco, narcotics and alcohol, exercising regularly, keeping stress and tension levels in control etc. Generally, implementing healthy living techniques are a good way to boost the immune system.

Each and every part of the body functions better, when it’s protected from environmental hazards. One must understand that the body is a machine and it will cease to function effectively if it’s been assaulted and exploited. Hence, following healthy living standards are very beneficial. There are certain guidelines that one must follow while striving for a healthy lifestyle. Eating a diet rich in fruits, whole grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables is a must. The entire diet should be low in saturated fats and high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Exercising regularly, getting sufficient amount of sound sleep every day is also significant. Keeping blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol in check can go a long way in boosting the immune system. Washing the hands frequently, specially before eating any kind of food products and cooking all kinds of meats thoroughly can help to keep infections at bay. Getting regular and frequent health checkups and medical screening can significantly promote a healthy life.

Moringa benefitsMoringa is a tree that can do wonders for the body as well as the immune system. It has great therapeutic and healing powers and abilities which can greatly benefit the human body. The tree’s leaves have the capacity to treat around 300 diseases. The Moringa tree is an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C & E and minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron etc. It has 95 different nutrients. . It can heal problems such as malnutrition, digestive disorders, sleep problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases etc. It boosts up the immune system and rejuvenates the body. It increases metabolism and makes a person dynamic. It is also an ideal product for weight loss. Moreover, it elevates liver function, kidney function and relieves inflammation. The Moringa tree is widely known throughout the world for its healing powers. It has been proved to benefit the immune system extensively. It can make the immune system much more resistant and healthier.  The immune system will become defiant and robust by the consumption of Moringa.

There are in numerous products that boast of enhancing the immune system, but very seldom certain products fulfill their claims. The concept of boosting immunity does not have much scientific sense attached to it. In fact, boosting the number of cells in the body, might not always be a good thing. For example, athletes who pursue ‘blood doping’, to artificially boost their blood count and immunity can do more harm than good. They might ruin their heart and this will lead to several heart diseases and problems including strokes. Attempting to boost the immune system is quite complicated because there are various independent cells in the system that responds differently to different microbes. The immune system gets weak and less resistant due to various reasons, such as heavy drinking, smoking, tobacco use, improper and inadequate food habits, lack of sleep or exercise, stress, pollution etc. When the number of T cells in HIV/AIDS patient decreases, the patient gets weak and sick and becomes prone to other diseases because the immune system does not have the strength to fight infections.

Researchers all around the globe are trying very hard to explore the consequences of food, herbal supplements, exercise, tonics etc. on immunity. They try to estimate the level of immunity by taking measures of blood components like lymphocytes. At times, certain lifestyle changes can also greatly benefit immunity. Shifting from a stressful zone to a blissful and stress free zone can help one’s immunity to become more resistant.  One’s attitude towards life is also very significant, because a happy and jovial person is at times much healthier than a depressed and distressed person. There is a direct link between improved immune response and lifestyle modifications.  There is also a direct connection between age and immunity, as a person ages, his/her immunity drops and the person becomes more prone to diseases. The aging process reduces immune response capacity, which leads to increased infections, inflammatory diseases and cancer. Hence, one needs to become more careful and cautious about his/her immunity as they start aging. ‘Aging’ slows down the body’s immune system and hence weakens the entire human body. Compared to young people, the elderly are more likely to contract infectious and harmful ailments. Respiratory infections, influenza, pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, are the main causes of death of elderly people worldwide.

The immune system heavily depends on the diet. It requires healthy, regular, nutritious nourishment. People who dwell in poverty and are malnourished are far more likely to contract infectious diseases. Various nutrient deficiencies such as deficiencies of zinc, selenium, copper, iron, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, E etc can deteriorate immune responses. Hence, taking a multivitamin, mineral or food supplement like Moringa can generates a lot of health benefits. People with low selenium levels are at a greater risk of developing colon, lung, prostate, breast cancer. Vitamin A plays a major role in warding off infections. Vitamin B2 promotes resistance to bacterial infections. Vitamin B6 can depress several aspects of the immune system, but at the same time, overdoses can promote the growth of tumors. Lack of vitamin D can lead to tuberculosis.

Certain herbal elements can prove to be very beneficial for the immune system. ‘Aloe Vera’ is very helpful for minor cuts, burns; skin infections, inflammation etc., but at the same time it also strengthens the body’s immunity. Another plant known as ‘Astragalus membrane’, acts as an immune system stimulant. A plant known as ‘Echinacea’ stimulates the immune system as well as fights against infection causing germs and bacteria. ‘Garlic’, also strengthens the body’s immunity and fights against stomach infections. ‘Licorice roots’ are mostly used by the Chinese, and they are extremely helpful for rejuvenating the immune system and also for fighting against various other illnesses. ‘Probiotics’ are also very significant for the body. These can be found easily in cereals, whole wheat bread, dairy products, energy bars etc. They provide the body with ‘good bacteria’, which are required for correcting deficiencies and increasing the number of T cells in the immune system.


21st Century Designer Health Products has been in the business of selling homeopathic HGH, human growth hormone, since 2000. A lot has changed since then. The Internet was still fairly new and only seniors looking to hold off the inevitable were searching for anti-aging products. At that time most people were getting very expensive injections and HGH oral sprays were fairly new. Now young people, mostly athletes, have swelled the ranks of those participating in the therapy in order to gain that “extra edge” in enhancing their performances. Since HGH production by the pituitary gland peaks at around age 25, increasing human growth hormone adds a wonderful invigoration to any lifestyle at any age.

The competition for companies to attain high search engine rankings for the term HGH or human growth hormone in Google has brought out the worst in the business world, especially the HGH industry. There have been many companies that have come and gone. Some lost money with poor quality products and some made lots of money but were sued out of business due to outrageous claims about what HGH can actually do for you. Some broke the law by ignoring FDA regulations and were shut down. Those companies with longevity are still doing a good business by playing by the rules and offering legitimate quality products.

Doctors selling prescription HGH for injection sell the most potent product in the marketplace. However, most doctors are not Internet savvy and rarely attain high Google search engine rankings so it’s hard to find them in that milieu. Non-doctors realized that they could stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormone using just a few cents worth of amino acids, name the product an HGH “releaser,” “stimulator,” precursor,” or “secretogue,” and sell it for the same price as real HGH products (those containing real pharmaceutical human growth hormone).

It is a great money making scheme as these products contain no real human growth hormone, keeping their costs low and avoiding FDA scrutiny, and so the profit margins are enormous. This extra profit has been poured into Internet marketing to the point where they are so visible that you’d think the only HGH delivery system is via pills and capsules. The irony is that you can’t put HGH in a pill or capsule. Just because you see “HGH Releaser” on the bottle doesn’t mean there is any HGH in the product. And the really frustrating part is that the consumer actually gets the benefit of increased HGH due to the pituitary stimulation, but only for about a month or six weeks, at which time the pituitary gland gets used to the stimulation and stops producing additional amounts. What a tease!

Although the price for injected HGH has come down quite a bit in the last decade it’s still quite expensive and most healthy people have an aversion to sticking themselves with needles. Homeopathic HGH oral spray, made with real pharmaceutical human growth hormone, is an excellent, affordable alternative. Because it contains real pharmaceutical human growth hormone the profit margin between cost and retail is nowhere near that of companies selling pills so there is less money available to attain high Internet search rankings. The consumer really has to look hard to find a company that sells it.

Homeopathic oral sprays get about 60%-80% of the same results (measuring before and after IGF-1 levels) as those using injections within a doctor’s protocol and are very easy to use. They don’t work by stimulating the pituitary gland so you can take them for as long as you like.

The only side effects reported using all forms of human growth hormone have come from those using the injection protocol. Those negative side effects are almost always due to improper dosages (too much) or problems associated with needle usage. There are no negative side effects using homeopathic HGH oral sprays. There are no negative side effects using the pills, other than the fact that they stop working after a few weeks.

So today, when searching the Internet for HGH products the industry stands here:

  1. the consumer sees mostly pills and capsules which ultimately tease them with short term gains,
  2. oral sprays which work great but are hard to find within a Google search, and
  3. doctors selling injections which are nearly impossible to locate.

It’s a sad situation for the unknowledgeable consumer but that’s the way it is. Caveat Emptor. Buyer Beware!