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Fats are the nutrients that do form a part of the balanced diet for consumption by human beings. Thus, we consume or eat fats or the cells in human body are actually eating the fats.  As cells consume or eat fuel in two kinds, either through sugar or through fats. And thus the health of the individual depends upon the burning of sugar.

For obtaining more energy burning of more fats is essential as it provides with more energy and good health to the person.  We consume fats or any other nutrient through mouth which are required by cells and thus are transported to the cells through the bloodstream.  Thus fats are indeed crucial for everyday bodily functions and life is not possible without fats. It besides providing the energy to the body helps other nutrients also for performing better in the body development and workings.

Just intake and storage of fats in the body is not sufficient and healthy, but the burning process of fats is very essential and healthy for every person. Thus the recourse of intake of fats, their storage and breaking and then mobilizing is the most important bodily function for regulating and increasing the energy levels. As misbalance in any of the steps may result in negative effects which may lead to serious diseases.

Therefore burning of fats being important procedure requires good care and caution that is needed to be adhere to by the people, following steps may be adopted:

  • The best and easiest way to burn fats is by consuming green vegetables in good amounts, as green and leafy vegetables brings down hunger levels and provide with more energy.
  • Consuming good amount of water may be of great help as intake of water is very important for metabolism as it boosts the liver to perform better for converting the fats into the energy. So drinking of more water is a good step towards fat reduction and energy gaining. Thus a person should drink around one gallon of water each day and even more if living in hot climate or suffering obesity.
  • Walking good miles regularly and on specific time each day may result into burning of fats.  Walks may be taken up either for morning or evening.
  • Every day exercising with Aerobics is a good way of burning fats in the body, thus increasing the health levels. Thus weight loss or burning calories or fats may be done by exercising and not by dieting or eating less or going on hunger. As it does not help in the long run. Whereas exercising regularly does help in maintain the body fitness and wellness.
  • Too much stress taking may hamper the pace at which body burns calories or fats. Thus less amount of stress whether it be relating to personal life or professional life, be avoided to increase the fats burning process in the body.  One can’t eliminate stress from life but surely can manage to decrease it till lowest levels.
  • Doing Yoga may also be a good and reliable solution for burning fat, as it is also a form of physical activity, thus adoption of it may lead to fat burning on a higher pace.
  • Getting indulged into meditation may also help in boosting fats burning process in the body, as it helps in modifying the psychology of the brain which does improves the speed at which fats burn in our body.
  • The easiest ways that can be also figured out are the changing daily habits, by using stairs instead of lift or elevator. Also by doing small tasks by one may help increasing fat burning process.
  • Fat burning process can also be increased by the unpopular but superbly good tree leaves intake, i.e. the tree called Moringa, it can help in improving the health and eliminating hunger.
  • One of the easiest ways can also be by eating smaller meals every day. As instead of eating 2-3 larger meals, a person may go for 4-5 smaller meals, for increasing fats burning process in the body.



Realizing what you really want from life is something which does not happen overnight, but the quest never ends. Do I want love? Or is it money or friends or something else? All I want from life is happiness, but without sorrow one doesn’t realize the worth of joy. Without captivity one doesn’t realize the importance of freedom.

Ambition should not motivate you to live, it should be love. So why do people think different? Ambition and career is so hyped today, that one doesn’t care about love or friendship. To climb up the ladder of success, one is ready to jeopardize their friendship with people and even their relationships. Does this bring about happiness for anyone ever? What does it feel like to be the most successful person ever, but standing at the top all alone, no one to share the happiness and satisfaction of the success with?

Personal health and well being is becoming a secondary priority for people. They care more about money than their happiness. Materialism has gained so much importance in people’s lives that one does not stop to think and look back at their lives. In this fast paced life that we live, where is the time to give a thought to mental peace or health?

People are becoming more short-tempered and are at a greater risk of anxiety attack than they were 10 years ago. Even children are trapped in today’s rat race. They have to excel at everything in order to become successful in life. Parents pressurize their kids to do well in school so that they can have a secure future, but what about their health? What about outdoor games and fresh air and healthy spirit and body?

So, does this mean one cannot have health and a successful career at the same time? Absolutely not! One just needs to learn how to balance their lives and not let career, solely drive them. Occasional nature retreats and holidays can do wonders. If you don’t have the time for a holiday, a picnic with family on Sundays would be the next best thing.

Mental and spiritual health should be given more importance. People need to be aware about it. It’s not just the physical damage but also mental damage that should be a topic of concern. Spiritual health might mean religious traditions to some, and inter-personal relations to other. Whether going to church gives you mental peace, or a social gathering and interacting with friends and family, or maybe even being by yourself and reading a book, personal time should be given more priority than they actually get. Moringa is a nutrient rich food supplement. it’s intake can diminish and at times prevent problems such as depression, agitation, frustration, irritation etc. It’s daily intake will keep most of the turbulent mental agonies at bay. Hence, Moringa can successfully boost mental health.

Children should go out and play often. Life is anyways going to become more hectic and stressful as they grow up, the fun and excitement shouldn’t be replaced with books and anxiety at such a young age. There is a life beyond books, and even play station and x-box.

And if someone thinks they will relax and get laid back after they have retired or earned a lot, let me break it out to you, it’s a misconception that you will ever get the time to lay back. Priorities change with time and you will realize that one never gets the time to relax; one has to make the time. Also, you never know what tomorrow has to offer. Seize every little opportunity you have to live life. Never depend on tomorrow, tomorrow is an illusion.


“Malnourishment leads to the consequences of a person unable of performing normal tasks easily and not able to resist diseases”
Malnutrition is the result of intake of unbalanced diet, or intake of improper foods which are essentially required for body growth and development.

Malnutrition may also result even when person intakes all required foods but not in correct proportions. It is thus form of under nutrition, which lacks diet of proteins and calories. It occurs due to the lacking of vital nutrients in the diet of a person. Thus because of the deficiency the body fails to meet ongoing demands like growth of the body, physical health and psychological factors such as behavior and mood of the individual.

Malnutrition may affect all age groups but mostly it strikes upon children and pregnant and elderly women. And thus is more prevalent in developing countries. It is thus a form of disease which includes under nutrition, obesity or overweight. So people who are malnourished or undernourished may not be consuming appropriate calories for growth and development of body and brain. Or the people who may be obese or gain overweight consume excessive calories, that leads to over nutrition that is another form of malnutrition.

Thus, following may be types of malnutrition:

Under nutrition which is a result of deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals or proteins and calories in the diet of the individual. Under nutrition also prevails in many Nations because of hunger or starvation because of poverty.

Severe Malnutrition which is referred more for PEM, which are of two types further:

Kwashiorkor – it is the result of inadequate consumption of proteins. It can be identified by swelling of belly.

Marasmus- it is the result of less intake of both proteins and energy. Its effects or symptoms may be more muscle wasting and leaving less edema.

Goiter may result because of the iodine deficiency in the diet of the individual. It leads to swelling of the thyroid gland, visible largely as swelling in the neck. Goiter may also lead to lethargy, weakness, more cough and cold. Also the swelling if becomes more severe may lead to difficulty in breathing and speaking as the windpipe may get compressed.

Anemia malnutrition may also result into Anemia, which also commonly seen as a disease in a malnourished person. It may be caused mainly by lack of iron and Vitamin B12 in the diet. Thus leading to Anemia. Diet which only lacks in iron is known as iron deficiency Anemia.

Anemia being the mostly seen malnutrition disease in the whole world, prevails largely in developing Nations.

Hyponatremia this may result out of sodium deficiency in the blood because of deficiency of sodium in diet of the individual. The symptoms of hyponatremia are confusions arising in mind, vomiting, regular headaches, or going into the coma.

Hypokalemia is the result of lack of potassium in the food intake by the individual. It may not always lack of consumption of potassium but also be excessive loss of potassium from the body. The symptoms may include cramps in the muscles, blood pressure level changes, constipation. It may also lead to serious levels of respiratory depression and dehydration.

Vitamins Deficiency may also arise as a kind of malnutrition in individuals. Following types of vitamin deficiencies may be there:

  • Vitamin A  it in its symptoms  leads to night blindness.
  • Vitamin C  it may lead to gums bleeding, delay in healing of wounds or increase in infections or spots on skin.
  • Vitamin D this leads to improper formation of bones or bone disorder.

All these deficiencies need to be taken care by for avoiding different kinds of malnutrition, thus proper intake of balanced diet should be there. Focus can also be made on foods which are rich in mostly all the nutrients, for eg, Moringa is a kind of tree whose leaves are rich in proteins and Vitamin A, B and C . Therefore intake of such food items should be encouraged.


Summer? Winter?  What’s a better time to travel? Traditionally, it is summer, for it is the ultimate 2-month vacation when everybody has some time to shed for a luxury of a vacation. Also, in addition, more destinations seem accessible in summers. Generally, around us, we find very few travelers, that too mostly the non-adventurous and the predictable types; summer pick- hill station and winter pick- down south and the heat.

But it is winters when we can actually bring out the wild in us and taste the adventures that travel has to offer that too with reasons that will compel to consider the unconventional.

Here are the top reasons why one should travel chilly places especially Europe (the much awaited summer destination) in winters:

Fewer tourists: When I took a trip to Europe, it was in summer.  In the high season of May- June you see more Indians than British on streets of London, especially in front of the Buckingham palace and beneath the London eye. Trust me, this is a reason enough to chose winter over summer.

Cheaper rates: Yes, as you would suspect, the simple theory of demand and supply plays its role here. From airlines to hotels, you get it all the more affordable. Interestingly, prices decrease in winter because of the difference between winter grade and summer grade fuel, hence making it cheaper!

Real winter and winter sports: It can be the time when we can experience the real winters. Being from a tropical country, most of us have hardly ever lived the snowball fights, thrills of skiing and other snow adventures. European winters are the right time and the ultimate destination for the same.

Indore Attractions: Never fancied pictures with Big B and the master blaster at Madam Tussaud, criticizing the colonial regime while visiting the beloved Kohinoor, analyzing the much talked about Mona Lisa smile at the Louvre, the Ferrari and other car museums, exclusive classical shows and much more?  If you ever did, then, these fully heated indoors will do justice to your fancies when the chill in the air picks up and sun decides to sleep early.

Why let winter be an off-season for you when the world’s best can be experienced at the most affordable price?

We generally tend to get exhausted during travel. It’s essential to take proper nutrition and keep yourself dehydrated. The intake of Moringa during travel can rejuvenate your system. It will make you dynamic and relaxed. It will also boost your metabolism and provide you with all the much needed nutrients.


“The race of the country is taken ahead by the procreation of healthy children by women”

God has only blessed the females in every living being with the power and tolerance to give birth to a baby. A mother in any species when gives birth to its baby, does bears a lot of pain, nurtures the baby and give all that its capable of giving. And human beings blessed by the nature with the inheritance of emotions, intelligence and love, are in all terms and senses ahead and above of all the living beings on the planet. Thus for maintaining the race of humans and the further divisions made by man in the forms of people of different countries, it is very important that healthy children should take birth for the good life of the child as well as good and productive workforce for the whole Nation. It is only possible in the normal course when all the precautions and best habits are adopted by the expected mother while she is about to give birth to a baby. Well it is of immense importance to bring in notice that only pregnant ladies should not adopt a healthy lifestyle, but every girl by the time she steps in her teenage should start focusing on her health and take measures to enhance and maintain her well-being. For achieving this end, family members of girls should take into consideration seriously about the health of the girls since early ages, more than their boy child, as it is important for the well-being of the whole society.

For example, in a country like India, where females still form a class of backward or marginalized sector, who needs special attention and care at an alarming level. India became independent six decades ago, but still our Nation is still highly poverty stricken, masses of people are helpless and neglected by everyone. So in such a situation, the women or girls in the families of such people live in worst condition, they themselves when are deprived of money and so proper food, clothing, housing, etc, are complied to give birth to children in large numbers, and that’s a reality, these women taking care of children in their hands are again and again conceiving the babies in their womb, thus making their life degraded and short, and even the babies that are born out of such women, are unhealthy, diseased and thus grow up as malnourished children, finally being unproductive people for themselves, their families, and  for the whole nation. All this procedure is getting repeated in our country and needs attention; else it will be impossible for India to ever come out of such a web of unhealthy overpopulated country.

This is a matter of big concern for the whole nation and thus the government should take good initiatives like conducting seminars and workshops of free of cost in villages and slum areas in the towns for teaching methods of controlling child birth, introducing condoms and fee of cost anti-pregnancy medicines. This can help curb the degrading health of women who have to bear and give birth to several kids, whereas, all this can limit the population somehow.

The government should also start regular check-ups of women (free of cost) so that, masses of deprived women can go for regular check- ups and get to know about their health and well-being. All this very urgent and important as women are blessed with the qualities of taking care of every person in a motherly way, but always end up ignoring their own health, which should be taken care of most importantly for the preserving of the healthy people and thus, whole society and Nation.

The intake of moringa can greatly boost women’s health. It has got manifold nutrients, ranging from vitamins A, B, C, D, E etc,  and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron,zinc etc. It can instantly cure malnutrition, diminish liver inflammation, aid digestion, prevent arthritis, osteopororosis, rheumatism, migraine and even various kinds of cancers such as colon, anal and intestinal cancers.


In today’s world everyone is so busy with their career and professional life that they often tend to overlook their health. So here is a list of 10 healthy food one can have while on the run and get one step closer to a healthier life.

1. Apples
The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is famous not just because it rhymes. Apple is beneficial in a number of ways, from keeping you awake when you’re sleepy, to providing you with antioxidants, to increasing the fiber content of your body. A study reports that a bite of an apple is much more effective in keeping you awake, than coffee or tea. Apple is a rich source of antioxidants which help fight diseases and also acts as an anti-aging agent. Another study reveals that women who eat apple on a regular basis are at less risk of heart diseases.

2. Walnuts
Walnuts contains an antioxidant called melatonin, which helps regulate sleep. So it is most beneficiary for all those businessmen and students who find themselves working late on some nights and sleepless on others. Walnut is also beneficiary in controlling the cholesterol level in the body. They are a rich source of vitamin E, proteins and minerals. Eating as much as five or six nuts a day could help kill disease causing elements in the body. Walnuts also have potential health effects against cancer, aging and neurological diseases.

3. Dark Chocolate
Besides being delicious, dark chocolate has various health benefits. It provides the body with flavanols which helps fight heart diseases. Research studies indicate that flavanols in dark chocolate help the flow of blood in the body and is also known to help lower the blood pressure of people with a hypertension problem. It helps the body guard against any damages to the cell or organ.

4. Almonds
Rich in nutrients including iron, calcium, vitamin E, and magnesium, almonds have the highest fiber content than any other nut. Almond is rich in phosphorous that helps make teeth and bones stronger. People might think almonds and other nuts have fat and their consumption might result in increase in weight, but studies show that people who eat nuts regularly are thinner than people who don’t eat nuts. So go ahead, fill your palm with almonds before leaving your homes and stay healthy.

5. Oatmeal
The perfect and healthiest way to start your day is with a big bowl of warm oatmeal. A daily bowl of oatmeal could be a life saver. It contains fiber that helps reduce cholesterol, boosts your immune system and also helps stabilize blood pressure.

6. Blueberries
These wonderful tasting berries have more antioxidants than almost 40 other common fruits and vegetables. Blueberries contain epicatechins, which keep bacteria from sticking to bladder walls, and thus help preventing urinary tract infection. From protecting you from heart diseases, to guarding you against cancer and age-related memory and vision loss, blueberries are very beneficiary for the human body. So the next time you go to the supermarket, don’t forget to pick up a bunch of fresh and juicy blueberries..

7. Guava
Typically grown in the tropical areas, guava is very beneficiary for men as it contains an antioxidant that helps prevent prostate cancer. Guava is considered the ultimate source of fiber.

8. Spinach
Even though we hated this vegetable when we were young, there was a reason why the cartoon showed Popeye eating a can of spinach and beating the bad guy. Spinach helps maintain the strength and density of the bones, is known to help reduce blood pressure, fight infections, and is great for the skin as well.

9. Sweet Potatoes
Replacing your daily dose of fries with sweet potatoes can do wonders for the human body. From resistance to stress, to proper immune functioning, sweet potatoes help build healthy bones, teeth, skin and heart. Being a rich source of magnesium, sweet potatoes help reduce stress and anxiety.

10. Water
Any list for healthy food cannot be complete without the inclusion of water. Essential for all metabolic processes, water helps remove toxins and waste from the body, rejuvenates the skin and keeps it radiant, and also helps in digestion and weight lost.


Sacred Heart Medical Diet is a soup based seven days diet, claims to help lose weight. The diet plan goes on for seven days, and unlike other diet plans, is not deemed unhealthy. It is generally suggested to overweight patients who are to go in for a surgery.

The diet is scheduled in such a manner, that a person can eat whenever they feel hungry, but only according to the diet plan, and research has shown that people feel more energetic after only two to three days of the plan.

  • The diet allows you to eat any fruit except bananas on the first day. Only soup and fruits are permitted on the first day.
  • Day two allows you to have vegetables only, no fruits today. Eat all the vegetables you want, raw, boiled, or cooked till you are stuffed.
  • The third day diet includes fruits, vegetables and soup. Baked potato is a big no-no. The diet claims to have helped you lose about 6 pounds if you strictly followed it, without fail.
  • You can finally have bananas now, but cut that to just 3 for the entire day. But you can have all the skimmed milk you want throughout the day, and also soup.
  • Fifth day is the day of tomatoes and beef. You can have as many as 6 tomatoes and 10 to 20 ounce beef on the fifth day. You are advised to have soup at least once today.
  • The sixth day lets you eat beef and veggies to your heart’s content, and don’t forget the soup as well!
  • And finally on the seventh day you can have brown rice, unsweetened juice and vegetables.

The diet claims to help you lose 10 to 17 pounds if one follows the diet without fail.

The problem with this diet plan is that you essentially lose water content from your body, which is not permanent and you gain back the lost weight in a few days after you discontinue the diet.

Health experts disapprove of this diet as it concentrates only on certain kinds of food and nutrients and disregards others. Some say that it does not inform you about nutrient content and calorie content, or about the food that you are reading. The diet does not mention exercise of any kind, so anyone following the Sacred Heart Diet should remember to keep active,

Detoxing the body regularly is a good thing and the Sacred Heart Medical Diet helps you do it. The liquid based diet helps your body get rid of toxins and cleans up your system. Drinking caffeinated coffee stimulate your intestine and bowls to empty.

Any diet that tells you to eat red meat to your heart’s content is unhealthy. It’s not considerate of those who might be suffering from heart disease or cholesterol problem. This diet concentrates on certain types of food groups and do away with the others, hence it’s not ideal. It is nutrient deficient on certain days and one has no control over the consumption of calories on all the subsequent days.

Though there have been many who claim to have successfully lost weight with the aid of this plan, the weight loss will not be long term. Most people gain back the lost weight after a few days and have to continue the diet in order to maintain their weight. Anyone with basic nutritional knowledge would recommend moringa for weight loss as it has been proven effective to human kind since ages.


A research elaborates on the fact that one-third of all the cancers in the world may be diet related. Your diet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote good health and help protect cancer. What you eat can either hurt you, but if you control your diet and eat thoughtfully, it can also help you.

Ordinary fruits and vegetables found in groceries might contain cancer fighting properties, one just needs to be aware about them and remember to eat right. Eating the same thing every day will never help you fight diseases or stay healthy, but the best thing one can do is maintain a balanced diet and eat a variety of foods.

1. Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli:  These convert cancer producing estrogen into a more protective variety, and thus help prevent breast cancer. Sulforaphane promotes the production of certain enzymes that can kill and eradicate free radicals and carcinogens.

2. Carrots:Bugs Bunny’s favorite food item contains a lot of beta carotene that helps reduce various types of cancers including lung, throat, mouth, stomach, intestine, breast and prostate. But eating a large amount of carrots everyday may act adversely as a carcinogen.

3. Red Wine: Drinking red wine in moderation is actually beneficial for the heart and is anti-cancer as well. Researchers recommend a glass of wine a day to help prevent cancer and promote a healthier circulatory system.

4. Papayas: Vitamin C works as an antioxidant and may help reduce the absorption of cancer-causing nitrosamines from the soil or processed foods. Papaya contains folacin which is known to reduce certain cancers.

5. Garlic: This pungent member of the onion family can be called the king of therapeutic benefits, especially for cardiovascular conditions. Garlic helps prevention of cancer, reduce blood pressure and boosts immunity.

6. Ginger: Ginger is about as close as you can get to good-tasting medicine. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can slow the growth of cancer.

7. Moringa: Moringa Oleifera is a plant known to have many medicinal properties, anti-tumor capacity is one of them.

8. Soy: Increased content of soy in your diets may result in lower rates of breast, endometrial, and prostate cancer.

9. Berries: Raspberries and strawberries contain ellagic acid, which are known to slow down the reproduction of cancer cells. Blueberries are the richest source of anthocyanosides, the most powerful antioxidants known to scientists.

10. Avocados: Scientists believe that avocados may also be useful in treating viral hepatitis (a cause of liver cancer), as well as other sources of liver damage. It is rich in glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that attacks free radicals in the body. They are also a rich source of potassium and beta carotene that helps prevent various types of cancer.

If you make a habit of consuming the above mentioned food products on a regular basis, then you can not only keep cancer at bay, but also immensely fortify your health and metabolism. Apart from incorporating the right food products in your staple diet, it is equally essential that you also lead a healthy lifestyle.  Avoiding or limiting the use of certain vicious substances such as alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, narcotics etc., can impart commendable alleviations to your health and general well-being.  It is also very significant to exercise daily. It will enhance your stamina, oxidise your body and improve appetite and aid digestion. It is necessary to focus on one’s health and fitness regime in order to ward off several ailments. Practicing yoga and medication regularly at proper intervals is very subservient in diminishing health related issues. It endows a feeling of calmness and soothes the mind and body. We must not forget that “Health is Wealth”, hence we must  watch out for it.


Hot-Tips-To-Perfect-Natural-Hair-CareDiabetes, which is also called as metabolism disorder and metabolism, is the way in which the bodies of people utilize the food that is digested for providing energy and growth.

Mostly everything that we eat is broken in the form of glucose, which is a form of sugar in the blood and sugar is the main source of fuel providing to the body. Thus it needs to be taken care for the smooth functioning of body and gaining of energy.

We consume food every day, may even consume excessive fats and oils, which can’t be dissolved by the process of metabolism in the body, thus those remains gets stored as fats in the body, which may increase the levels of risk for infliction of the disease known as the diabetes. Thus, diet should be focused upon or should be balanced.

There can be many conditions for dieting, one may be when the body could not produce exact insulin which is required, or the body does not produces insulin at all and there may be cells which might not respond properly to the production of pancreas, because of  which large amount of glucose may build up in the blood.  And excessive glucose produced in the blood, passes out of the body through urination. Thus, in spite of blood being in excess supply of glucose, the cells do not get the glucose for more acquiring of energy and growth requisites of the body.

how to prevent arthritis

 Following things may help dealing or preventing with the diabetes:

  • The basic things like keeping a check on weight, intake of healthy and balanced diet and also by being active and avoiding laziness and lethargy, Diabetes can be prevented.
  • A person should make exercising his first and foremost task that needs to be daily accomplished. Also by avoiding watching television, that makes a person lazy.
  • Getting involved more into creative things especially the things that caters ones interests. Thus diabetes may also be helped by or prevented by doing daily all those activities that are enjoyed fully by the person.
  • Moreover obesity or overweight people tend to develop more chances of diabetes.
  • A person should also need to opt for healthy and balanced diet, which helps in avoiding or preventing diabetes. Thus eatables like red meat or chicken and oily preparations should be avoided as these things affect fats level a lot.
  • More than non-vegetarian food, the people should focus more on vegetables and fruits and natural plants that may be apt for eating. All these things prevent diabetes.
  • Addition of Spices like black pepper, cinnamon to the food of the person may help against diabetes. Moreover intake of turmeric regularly also helps preventing diabetes a lot, being working as indigenous medicines since ages.
  • The healthy leaves of Moringa tree may help in tremendous ways for preventing diabetes by intake of its leave in regular circumstances. As the leaves of this tree contain mostly all types of proteins and vitamins, it is of tremendous help for prevention of diabetes.
  • The consumption of the Bitter Gourd Juice early in the morning in an empty stomach before consuming anything helps in the most drastic manner for controlling the sugar levels in the body and thus preventing diabetes.
  • After the consumption of Bitter Gourd Juice, the water of fenugreek should be consumed early in the morning all which may help in preventing diabetes.
  • Regular consumption of Gooseberry, a fruit rich in Vitamin C helps in preventing the diabetes. And if the juice of Gooseberry be mixed with the juice of Bitter Gourd, may lead to complete eradication of the diabetes most effectively.



psychology-grief-loss-and-traumaStress arises out of the condition when a person is overburdened with work and thus feels lot of hectic because of that.”

Nowadays the life of people is getting more demanding, fast and thus leading to frustration, which all contributes to stress, which is a stimulus that effects the mental and physical equilibrium of people. Stress is definitely a part of life that can’t be completely vanished and small amount of stress is always good as keeping you under pressure it can help you perform better. But continuous stress is not good for health and damages the behavior of person, his/her relationships and thus affects the whole quality of life. As when a person is in stressed situation every time than the stress may have adverse effects on his/her health. Therefore long term or chronic stress should be paid heed upon and healed before the stress levels may get out uncontrollable because stress may turn out to be really dangerous. The stress may be reflected in any form either by affecting mind or behavior or body. It all basically depends upon person, where he feels stressed out more, well wherever it is, is harmful as it may take hold of the way you respond to things and may control your thought processes and emotions.

Victory man

Thus, following things should be practiced for managing the stress or getting rid of it;

  • The most famous stress eliminating techniques like doing yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc should be adopted. As these activities when practiced regularly keeps a person calm and reduces stress.

  • It is very important for striking out stress from life, to identify the exact reasons for stress. Thus, a list of all the stressful activities that are of not much use or help must be eliminated from life. So to lessen the stress.

  • Reaching late at places should be avoided and practice of

  • reaching on time be adopted as when a person is getting late, he/she rushes to reach the place on time and no matter he/she does reach on time, pressurizes the brain too much. Thus developing stress.

  • Stress can be avoided by avoiding the habits of multi tasking at huge levels. As in the quest of doing everything people take huge stress in all forms and not even able to do all the work properly.

  • Stress can also be suppressed or eliminated by helping others or needy people as the noble acts provide the person who does that with deep satisfaction and happiness. Thus stress gets lost in the happiness.


  • Stress can also be healed by eating the leaves of Moringa Tree, which is a boon as it contains mostly all the vitamins and ingredients of protein.

  • Eating habits affect mostly everything in our activities of day to day life. Thus adoption of a healthy balanced diet and consumption of good amount of water may help in lessening the stress and providing relief.

  • For avoiding chronic stress the person should stop or avoid controlling other people in his/her life, as no one can control anyone. The only person that can be and should be controlled is oneself. Thus getting in to unnecessary tasks of dominating may result only in degrading health by indulging in to excessive stress.

  • There are different kinds of people in every person’s life. Thus contacts, terms or arguments with wrong incompatible people may provide unnecessary stress and aggression, which should be avoided.

  • Every person must have a grateful behavior towards God, for feeling satisfied and happy, which will provide more success and wellness and will result in no stressed situations.